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Do You Need An Employment Law Legal Advice?

Perhaps you are interested in knowing if you will need the services of an employment solicitor or you need Redundancy Advice. Here are things you should look out for as we use a company named Contact Law as a reference point when looking for employment law exert legal advice.

The company is one of the largest law firms in the UK and offers a consumer-choice model for referrals. Every month, they assist about 10, 000 people in getting access to the right law solicitor that will meet the requirements of your case.

Their team is made up of 25 trained and dedicated case handlers who are mostly paralegals than lawyers in London.

After the discussion session, they will be able to advise a client on the best route to take and if a solicitor is needed. If you need an employment lawyer, they will refer one to you and have the lawyer call you later on in the day.

The company has all their referrals sign an agreement so that the client is guaranteed of at least the minimum level of customer service. They also follow up with the client to be sure the client is satisfied with the outcome. If the client is not satisfied with the services of the law firm he or she has been referred to, Contact Law will follow up on the company and may even threaten not to send clients their way again. The company uses the information they get from clients concerning a law firm to know if to further recommend them to clients or not.

This is all in an effort to make sure the client gets the best without spending time searching for the right employment law solicitor. Besides, the client gets charged the same fee without any extra fee for Contact Law.

How can Contact Law be of help to you? For your initial trial, you pay nothing for the advice you will receive. With a little information which you provide them with, you will have someone call you later on in the day. Their case handlers offer free advice pertaining employment law while the solicitor you will be referred to will provide you with free legal advice on your first call. At this stage, you will be able to decide on whether to go ahead with the solicitor or not.

Why Contact Law? Because they genuinely recommend the right solicitor for each case you may have a need for legal representation. They offer recommendation for solicitors in every area of law with employment being one of such areas.

Other reasons why you should consider Contact Law: They offer customised service They recommend the right solicitor for your needs They save you time that would have been spent on searching for solicitors They have solicitors that offer local service should you need one Their rate is fair enough as they will provide you with different quotes to choose from. Your privacy is assured You get access to justice

The information provided in this article will help you in reaching a decision on which path to toe in the event that you need legal representation.


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